Acrylic Spray Paint on Canvas Collaboration

Europia Art Collective (#EARTS) is a not-for-profit group of European expat artists and patrons of European art based in Manchester. It has been formed as a creative space for artists to gather, collaborate, share ideas, nurture European tradition and grow in their professional together.

adj. manifest = revealed to the mind, senses or judgment

Over the centuries, cultures across Europe captured their belief in the powers and meaning natural elements through beautifully stylised decorative motifs that define their folklore heritage. With the climate crisis manifest, Europia Art Collective curates some of these wonderful motifs in an installation that aims to remind of the reverence and protection that the natural world is due. The central motif is the rooster, found in most visual folk narratives in Europe, here standing as a symbol of an urgent wake-up call for all of us.

Sun: Greek Macedonia, Lithuania, Romania, Norway

Rooster: Slovenia, Portugal, German, Poland, Turkey

Flora: Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Germany

Water: Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, North Russia, Ukraine